Our Fascination With Celebrity Divorces

The newest headline in the area of celebrity divorce involves the details of the divorce settlement between Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer. Real Housewives star Camille and her ex-husband, formerly known as Frasier, were very public about their divorce, especially given Camille’s role on a reality television show. The Huffington Post describes this couple’s relationship as “falling apart in front of the cameras,” where harsh words and threats were made for the entire world to see. And as if their divorce was not publicized enough, Kelsey later spoke to Oprah on her new show Oprah’s Next Chapter regarding the couple’s split. The results of the couple’s divorce settlement provided Camille with $30 million dollars, receiving roughly half of the couple’s martial assets totaling $60 million.

Recounting all of the private details regarding this couple’s divorce, it begs the question: why are we so fascinated with celebrity divorces? Read further to find out!

Of course celebrity divorces involve a settlement totaling more money than any one person can imagine receiving in their lifetime. But this is typical-all celebrities have millions. So why are we still so interested?

•· The private details become public – Often the reason our Pennsylvania divorce clients want to settle their cases outside of court is because they do not want to “air their dirty laundry” out in a courtroom with a Judge present. If you’ve ever had a friend go through a divorce, you know that you only find out the details they are willing to divulge to you-the other things are kept private for obvious reasons. So if typical, everyday divorces are kept private, these celebrity divorces where millions of dollars are involved and couples don’t seem to mind letting their dirty laundry out to dry become instantly interesting.

•· It’s entertaining…? – Oddly enough, the problems and issues of celebrities, especially when they are going through a divorce, become entertaining in a “that-would-never-happen-to-me” way. Fighting over a Maserati? A 15 carat diamond ring? A mansion on the beach? Let’s face it, it’s entertaining.

•· It de-dramatizes divorce — most of us read about celebrity divorce as a source of entertainment. But, this does not mean that those following the divorce of the Grammers are wanting to see what this process would be like in their own lives. The celebrity divorces, full of public information and things that are typically kept private, almost seem fictional.

If you have questions about getting divorced in Allegheny County, or you have specific questions about the privacy of a divorce, contact our PA divorce lawyers today!

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