Divorce On The Small Screen!

Divorce is dramatic. There is no question that, when put onto a television show, a good, dramatic, tear-filled divorce makes for a good half an hour or hour of entertainment. As the weekend nears, we are thinking back to some of our favorite divorce dramas on the small screen. While usually not realistic, and sometimes nonsensical, family law can make for good televisions.

What television divorces are not is a good guide to how a divorce really happens. Therefore, if you are considering divorce, you should contact an experienced divorce attorney who will make sure that all requirements are met, and that you have the best chance of a good financial settlement and custody arrangement.

This weekend, Netflix or DVR some of these divorce-related television shows:

  1. Sex and the City: this award-winning HBO show focuses on the many facets of love, relationships, and sex. Among the many relationships that develop over the series’ six seasons, we watch trial separations, divorces, reconciliations, and property settlements, along with crazy ex-in-laws, drama with children, and a broken engagement. Among the best shows of the late ’90’s to early ’00’s, the viewer gets a range of emotional scenes and family issues.
  2. Mad Men– Divorced Dad Don Draper has to negotiate the pitfalls of mixing work and family in the 1950’s world where men were not supposed to be at all involved with children. Add in booze, fun 50’s fashion, and a lot of workplace drama, and you get one of the best shows on television today.
  3. Curb Your Enthusiasm– this extremely cynical and wry show follows Larry David in his post-Seinfeld life, marked by social awkwardness and always saying the wrong thing. His wife tolerates this up to a point, but the last few seasons follow the breakdown of his marriage and subsequent divorce. In this case, he keeps the house.
  4. Happily Divorced– This show on TVLand, starring Fran Drescher, shows the problems of marriage and divorce in a bad economy. A husband and wife who don’t get along, and get divorced, are forced to live in the same house and experience the other’s life. This story might seem too familiar to some in the midst of the recession.
  5. Two and a Half Men– although this show would not normally come to mind when thinking about divorce shows, the entire premise of this show comes from Alan’s divorce, and the struggles of raising a child as a single parent while trying to find love and happiness.
  6. The Good Wife– This series follows the wife of a state attorney who was taken down in a sex scandal, who returns to a job at a law firm after thirteen years and kids. While the couple in this show (Julianna Margulies and Sex and the City’s Chris Noth)is not divorced, they probably should be.

You don’t want your divorce to resemble the plot of an hour-long drama. Contact our office today to discuss your divorce case!

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