The Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid In A Divorce

A family law attorney can assist a client throughout their divorce with the equitable distribution process, dividing marital assets and debts, and deciding how to proceed in the future. However, most divorce clients should also be advised about the emotional aspects of divorce and not just the law. There are many things that a client can do, or avoid doing, that will allow the divorce process to run more smoothly for all involved.

Randall Kessler, a family law attorney in Atlanta, has recently provided The Huffington Post with a list of the biggest mistakes that can be made during a divorce. These are things that clients should avoid doing during their divorce, as recommended by a family law attorney.

1. Don’t Panic. Kessler advises that “Knowledge is power,” and recommends becoming educated on the divorce process as a client so that you know what is happening in your case. Although your Pennsylvania family law attorney will explain this entire process to you, it can sometimes assist you with peace of mind to know the basics of what is happening in your case. Going to a law firm’s website, like / will provide all the information you need about the process.

2. Don’t just get an initial consultation. Be wary of divorce attorneys who offer free consultations. The word “free” is there for a reason-these attorneys are providing their time for free and for a short period of time because they are not usually giving you much substantive advice. They may provide very general information but if you want to get into the details of your case or discuss what’s best for your family or your children, then choose an office with paid consultations.

3. Don’t allow your ex to intimidate you. Many clients are easily intimidated by the opposing party because the other party may think they have the upper hand, the better attorney, or more power in the relationship. If both parties are represented by counsel, allow your attorney to talk to his/her attorney. That way, the intimidation is minimized and things can be solved amicably without bickering between spouses.

4. Don’t run into the arms of another man/woman. Although these things are sometimes unavoidable, remaining single throughout the divorce process will not give your husband/wife any “ammunition” during the divorce. Kessler recommends waiting until you have reached a settlement to start your new romantic life. Although this may not seem fair, it is practical given your situation.

5. Don’t demand money before you’ve made up a budget. You need to make sure all your needs are addressed, so now is the time to create a detailed budget and ensure that the support awarded in your case will cover all of your personal needs.

Lastly, Kessler recommends trying to find the silver lining in your divorce. Try to see your divorce as a new beginning and not a devastating end. A change in attitude can sometimes make all the difference.

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