Divorce: Is It Contagious?

A study done in 2009 related to whether or not divorce is “contagious” has recently resurfaced in the media – even via comedian Stephen Colbert. What exactly were the findings of this study? How could divorce possibly be “contagious”? Read on to find out!

This study conducted in 2009 found that a person might be more likely to get a divorce if that person’s friends or close relatives are also divorced.

The lead researcher for this study equated divorce to a “social contagion” – stating that divorce can spread between groups of friends. This study’s findings state that if you have a friend who is divorced, this can increase your own risk of divorce by 75%.

However, it is important to note that the findings of this study should be taken with a grain of salt – as the study only focused on individuals within a certain town in Massachusetts. Whether or not you buy into the results of this study, there is one important takeaway from this information. Having a support group in your life while you are going through a divorce is an important thing. Whether or not your support group includes recent divorcees or the like is not as important as to whether you have solid relationships in your life that can help you get through this tough time.

Our Pittsburgh Divorce attorneys have noticed that a person’s well-being throughout the divorce process can affect many aspects of that person’s case. For example, an angry and bitter person is less likely to cooperate with their ex-spouse in formulating a Pennsylvania Marriage Settlement Agreement that might end up being beneficial to that person. Or a person that is upset and is acting on emotions might want to fight a PA custody battle to the bitter end, only to find out that what they thought would be a simple divorce is now highly contested because of the contentious custody proceedings.

The moral of the story is to surround yourself with supportive people who will lift your spirits during your divorce and will assist you in making sound decisions about your future. Sometimes, people wear “blinders” throughout the divorce process and do not want to think about the consequences or end result of anything. Having a support network in your life will allow you to make these decisions in the best way possible so that you move into the future with no regrets and start fresh.

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