Ways To Not Get “Bullied” During Your PA Divorce

The topic of bullying has been very prevalent in the recent future – with bullying “campaigns” popping up all over the country in an attempt to bring light to this situation and show the public that bullying is not the way to solve problems or issues. One of the great campaigns taking place locally in Pittsburgh is the “Shine a Light on Bullying” program, which was started through the efforts of Star 100.7, a local radio station in Pittsburgh, and through the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Yet, bullying happens in many other arenas in other situations than just at children’s schools. For example, it is very likely that one spouse during a Pennsylvania divorce is “bullying” the other in some way. Today’s blog will discuss ways to avoid being “bullied” in a PA divorce.

The first way, and the best way to avoid being bullied in a PA divorce is through seeking legal representation. That way, you have a detached individual (your attorney) acting on your behalf who can make strategic decisions for you and will avoid being “bullied” by the other side. Of course your PA divorce attorney is there to achieve the best results for you in your case, but at the same time, they are your trusted advisor and someone you can rely on to act in your best interest – and make sure you aren’t being pushed into doing something you don’t want to do.

Another way to avoid being bullied is to become knowledgeable yourself. Having at least some sense of what is going on throughout the stages of your divorce will allow you to feel a sense of control – and you will less likely be bullied into doing something that you don’t want to do. Although this is the job of your attorney to keep you informed throughout the process, it doesn’t hurt to read up a bit yourself so that you feel comfortable (and knowledgeable) about what’s going on around you.

Another way to avoid getting bullied is to take your time. Don’t allow your ex-spouse to put strict time limits on things when there is no need to have them. Sure, if the court requires something to be done at a certain time, then be sure to comply with that. But if this is a matter of your ex saying “you have 24 hours to look at our settlement agreement or it’s off the table” then you might want to rethink the deal. Don’t allow someone to make you feel as though you’re rushed or absolutely have to make a decision. Give yourself time to reflect, especially because what you’re signing and what you could be agreeing to will affect your life for a long time.

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