July 2014 Archives

What is Community Property?

Community Property is a system of dividing property after a couple divorces. Community property is the minority rule in the U.S. and is only followed by nine states. Under this system, any property acquired during the marriage is called the community property, meaning that both spouses own the property together. Any property that one of the spouses bought prior to the marriage, or any property received as a gift is considered separate property and is not divided as part of the divorce.

Pennsylvania Family Law: College Support Payments?

A common point of contention in Pennsylvania child support cases is determining how to handle college payments. College, being technically a choice for the individual on whether to attend or not, is a complicated issue. 

What Happens if I Die without a Will in Pennsylvania?

This is a question we often hear when speaking with people about estate planning. It is surprising that many people are under the impression that if they die without a will in PA, all of their property will go to the state, which can then sell it for a profit. This is simply not true. It is possible that so many people hear the term "estate sale" and assume the state is selling the property of a deceased person that did not have a will. However, it is highly unlikely, although not impossible, that the state will be taking a person's property after death, even if that person did not have a will.

Proposed Overdose Immunity Law Moving Through the State Legislature

The Pennsylvania legislature is currently considering a bill that would offer immunity to people who report drug overdoses. This "Good Samaritan" bill is seen by many as a critical step in saving the life of a drug overdose victim. The bill is a bipartisan effort to save more lives across the Commonwealth.

The Rule of Capture in Pennsylvania: The Basics

If you own land in Pennsylvania, you may want know some basic information about an old law known as the rule of capture. This law is applicable to oil and gas law in PA, which is a hot topic at the moment. So what is the rule of capture and how can it affect you?

Don't get a DUI this Fourth of July!

As always, the Fourth of July is a great holiday for fireworks, cookouts, and family time. Unfortunately, it is also one of the days when the most DUI arrests are made. In Allegheny County, police are already making plans for stricter DUI enforcement. Allegheny county drivers can expect to see many DUI checkpoints on the road this weekend.

Governor Corbett Signs "Kevin's Law" and Enacts Harsher Penalties for Hit-and-Run Drivers

A few days before Christmas in 2012, a five-year-old boy named Kevin Miller was crossing a street in Wilkes-Barre, PA with his family. Walking only steps behind his father, a vehicle came out of nowhere, fatally struck the boy, and fled the scene. Now, Pennsylvania law makers have finally taken steps to close what many call a "loop-hole" in the DUI laws.

U.S. Supreme Court Decision: Court Rules on Contraceptive Case

The Supreme Court released an opinion yesterday on the Hobby Lobby case, which was the challenge to the contraceptive mandate under the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. The court ruled, in a 5-4 decision, that for-profit companies with religious backgrounds do not need to provide contraception to female employees under Obamacare.

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