Celebrity News: Sherri Shepherd’S Custody Battles

Sherri Shepherd, co-host of The View daytime talk program, now finds herself in the middle of two custody battles with two different men. Jeffrey Tarpley, her ex-husband, is filing for custody of their nine year-old son Jeffery Jr. Lamar Sally, her current husband, has filed for divorce and has also filed for custody of their unborn child.

Tarpley has filed for a custody modification so that he may receive primary custody of Jeffrey Jr. Tarpley has alleged that the couple’s son with special needs is reading and writing below the level he should be at, and has hygiene problems. He further alleges that Shepherd’s career is to blame because she is constantly working and neglecting their son in the process. Shepherd has responded to these allegations and claims they are false. She goes on to say that Tarpley has not been involved with Jeffery Jr. and that he is unfit to assume primary custody of the boy.

Sally has filed for divorce from Shepherd recently, and has also filed for primary custody of their unborn child. The child, who is being carried by a surrogate, is due to arrive in late July. The couple had signed a pre-nuptial agreement, which calls for Shepherd to have primary custody of the unborn child. However, Sally is trying to invalidate the pre-nuptial agreement citing fraud. This pre-nuptial agreement would only allow Sally to receive a lump sum of $60,000. However, if the agreement is invalidated, Sally would be able to request support from Shepherd, who reportedly made over one million dollars last year.

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