Terminating Parental Rights In PA

Termination of parental rights cases are complex. When parental rights to a child are ended, it is as if the child was never born to that parent. PA parents can only terminate rights if an adoption is pending.

There are two types of termination of parental rights: voluntary and involuntary.


A parent can choose to terminate rights to a child. This may be an option for a parent who is not involved in the child’s life. A person may want to terminate rights to a child if another party wishes to adopt. A voluntary termination ends any support the parent gives.


Sometimes, courts will hear cases for involuntary termination of parental rights. One parent could ask the court to end the other parent’s rights for reasons like abuse. The state child welfare agency may also start a termination action. The agency may ask the court to end parental rights when:

  • There is a history of abuse.
  • The child is in danger because of a parent.
  • The parent has committed certain crimes.

The court places much weight on these hearings. The court must address many factors before involuntary termination can take place. It must weigh how each factor will affect the child.
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