US Divorce Statistics: How Pennsylvania Stacks Up

Your Pittsburgh divorce lawyers bring you the latest divorce statistics: compiled a very interesting and informative guide to divorce in the United States. If you have ever wondered about the divorce rate, cost of divorce, or time it takes to get divorced in Pennsylvania, or in any state in the country, this guide will provide you with the information you need. The numbers that went into the creation of this guide were provided by the American Bar Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and 2011 Census Bureau figures. Our Allegheny County divorce lawyers hope you find this information as informative as we did and encourage you to call our Western Pennsylvania divorce office if you have any questions about the process of filing for divorce in Pennsylvania.

The first statistic addressed, is the divorce rate. The rate of divorce, calculated from numbers provided by the US Census Bureau, is recorded as divorces per every 1,000 state residents who are over the age of 15. The state with the highest divorce rate was Alaska, with 14 out of every 1,000 individuals getting divorced. The state with the lowest divorce rate was New Jersey, with only 6 of every 1,000 people getting divorced. The rate of divorce in Pennsylvania is closer to the lower end of the spectrum, with 7 divorces out of every 1,000 state residents.

Another one of the statistics that is addressed in the guide, and one that is quite important, is the cost of filing for divorce in each state. Unfortunately for our divorce clients in our Miami office of Vari & Associates, the state of Florida is the most expensive state in the country to file for divorce in. Florida divorces top the chart at $409, and that price only includes the cost of filing. But Pennsylvania is not too far behind, with a filing cost of $317. The state with the cheapest filing fees, only $52, is Mississippi.

Also included in this guide is the minimum total processing time. The days indicate are based upon the minimum amount of time it will take the state to recognize the divorce after the petition has been filed, regardless if a settlement has been reached. The state in which it takes the longest to file for divorce is Arkansas, with a minimum total processing time of 540 days. The state with the shortest waiting time, zero days, providing individuals with an instant divorce, is New Hampshire. In this category, Pennsylvania divorces lie in the middle with a minimum processing period of 270 days.

Lastly, the ease of filing score is indicated for every state. This calculation is based upon the sum of divorce waiting periods required by the state, as well as the filing fee. The numbers indicate that the easiest state to file for divorce in is Alaska, which might be why it also has the highest divorce rate. The state in which it is most difficult to file for divorce is Arkansas, which is probably due in great part to the almost two year waiting period. Filing for divorce in Florida lies in the middle, but closer to the more complicated side, with an ease percentage rating of only 40%.

If you are considering filing for divorce in Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh divorce lawyers at Taybron Law Firm, LLC are here for you. Our experienced Allegheny County divorce attorneys are here to help you get through the long, and often complicated, process of a PA divorce. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our office in Pittsburgh or our surrounding satellite offices.

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