Responding To A Divorce Complaint In Pennsylvania

Being served a Pennsylvania divorce complaint can be a very jarring experience for anyone. Even for those who know its coming, the effect is shocking and makes the situation very real.

What many people do not know is divorce complaints are boilerplate and require the same statements from anyone who is filing it. Therefore, upon first reading it, you may feel like the complaint is full of lies about you. This is true for everyone who is served. The other side is going to assert things you disagree with or find just completely false. You will have your time to respond and they will have to prove each thing they allege, so don’t get overwhelmed by their allegations.

Additionally, many people start to truly freak out once the complaint is served. It is not uncommon for a client to think they cannot get alimony in Pennsylvania. This is simply not true. There has always been alimony in Pennsylvania and an experienced lawyer can guide you through the process.

Clients are also generally confused by the time period when the divorce process will occur and be finalized. Divorces can only be consented to 90 days after the initial complaint has been served. Additionally, even the individual who filed the initial complaint has to consent to the divorce. This means they have the ability to change their mind, which would make the process take over two years.

The Pennsylvania divorce process has multiple different facets and can be relatively complex. It is important to have strong legal representation when dealing with divorce. To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced divorce attorneys, please call our law office today!

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