Courtroom Procedure in Allegheny County Family Court

Going to family court in Pennsylvania can be a stressful and scary experience. No matter what issue a person in going to court for, we have a few tips that can make the courtroom experience a little easier. It does not matter if you have a lawyer or not, there are some basic rules that every courtroom follows in Allegheny County.

First, when you are scheduled for a proceeding, make sure to arrive on time to the assigned courtroom. If a case is called and one of the parties is not present, the judge may give the other party what they are asking for by default. If neither party is present, the court may simply dismiss the matter entirely. Next, judges in PA appreciate a business-casual dress code from the parties. Hats must be removed prior to entering the courtroom. Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the courtroom either.

Once the case beings, the judge will address one party at a time. It is important to only talk when it is your turn to speak. The judges will not tolerate people talking over each other. Similarly, the judges will not tolerate the use of foul language. While these rules may seem like common sense to most people, it may be surprising to know that many cases have been interrupted due to improper courtroom behavior. If you are a party in a court proceeding, it is good advice to follow the courtroom rules. No one wants to make the judge who is deciding their future angry. Click here for a link to the courtroom rules for each judge in Allegheny County Family Court.