Steps To Becoming A Foster Parent In Pennsylvania

Becoming a foster parent in Pennsylvania is a temporary position. In order to potentially qualify as a foster parent you must be at least 21 years old and you must pass a very intensive background check. Additionally, anyone else living in your home with you who is over the age of 14 must also pass a background check. The background check process includes an in depth look at criminal history, the dynamic of the family (if there is a family living in the home), and an individuals or family’s income. The physical quality of the home must also be in top shape and be suitable for a child to live in. Additionally factors heavily considered are availability of supervision for the child, the network of family members in the community, and the ability to provide for a special needs child.

When you become a foster parent it is important to emotionally prepare yourself for letting go of the child once they are ready to be returned to their family. Many times children are removed from their families due to situations that can be remedied and are returned once this remedy occurs. This requires a certain amount of emotional strength from the foster parent’s perspective. They must take the child in, nurture him or her, provide and care for him or her, and then return him or her to their prior living situation or to another family for formal adoption. If, however, a foster family wishes to adopt the foster child, steps can be taken to make this happen.

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