Another Divorce For The Kardashian Clan

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Even if you aren’t a fan of their show, if you’ve turned on the news lately or logged onto your Google or Yahoo homepage, there is no doubt that you’ve heard or read about the latest Kardashian divorce. This time, the divorce isn’t between one of the Kardashian daughters and a basketball star, it’s their mother, Kris, divorcing their step-father and former US Olympic star, Bruce Jenner. In today’s blog your Pennsylvania Divorce Attorneys discuss the Kardashian-Jenner divorce and the issues that may come between now and the time they are able to obtain a dissolution of their marriage.

For fans of their show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the divorce doesn’t come as much of a surprise as matriarch Kris and her husband Bruce have been having marital issues and living apart from quite some time now. After their 11 month separation, the couple, who have 2 daughters from their 23 year marriage, decided to officially end their marriage by filing for divorce last week in California.

According to reports the soon to be ex-spouses have decided to settle their divorce amicably without the need for contentious litigation. To this point it is unknown whether the two signed a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage or a postnuptial agreement when Kris’s income began to significantly increase because of the reality TV show, but up to this point there has been no disagreement between the two.

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, if they have one, would certainly help the high-net worth couple. They own several homes and have many marital assets which need to be divided prior to the finalizing of their divorce. If they do have a marital agreement this process should be relatively simple, otherwise it could take a while to figure out exactly who is keeping what.

Another issue that they need to worry about, if they don’t have a prenup or a postnup, may be alimony. It’s unclear at this time if either spouse will be seeking alimony, but if they are, that needs to be decided prior to a final judgment being entered by a family law judge. The last thing the couple needs to consider is their 17 year old daughter. Though she will only be a minor for a few more months, and is virtually independent, their marital settlement agreement needs to include provisions about their daughter.

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