Divorce Rate In Pennsylvania Is Fifth Lowest In The Nation

There is no denying the fact that the divorce rate in the United States is quite high. With between forty to fifty percent of all marriages ending in divorce in our country, we all know at least one or two people who have gone through the divorce process. That being said, there are some states where divorce is more prevalent than in others.

A recent article compiled data from the US Census regarding divorce rates in states across the country. The results indicated that there is no one area of the country in which marriages are less likely to end up in divorce.

The two states with the lowest rates of divorce may come as somewhat of a surprise for many people, New Jersey and New York. New Jersey has the lowest rate, with only 8.6% of the population divorced, while in New York the rate is 8.8%. Third on that list is Washington D.C., at 9.2%. Rounding out the top five spots for states with the lowest divorce rates are Hawaii, Utah, and our home state of Pennsylvania which are all tied with a divorce rate of 9.5%.

The article also provided more detailed statistics regarding divorce in each state, and we’ve chosen to look deeper into the Pennsylvania numbers. Besides the 9.5% rate of divorce for the population of 12,773,801, it also gave other information to put that number into perspective. These additional numbers included the marriage rate, which is currently at 48.1%, and the percentage of people in the state that are legally separated under PA family law, 2.2%.

The remainder of the top ten is as follows: North Dakota, California, Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts. The divorce rates in these states range from 9.7% to 10.1%. Based on these numbers it is pretty clear that the lowest rates of divorce are spread all over the United States and spread out pretty evenly.

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