Ludacris’ Lyrics Used Against Him In Child Custody Case

Rapper Ludacris has been in the news a lot lately, and not entirely for his music, though his music does play a role in his current situation. Recently he has been making headlines because of the highly contested and much-publicized child custody and child support battle he is facing in Georgia. In today’s blog, your Pittsburgh Family Lawyers provide you with some details about exactly why the famed rapper was in court and how something similar may happen to you.

The reason Ludacris was in family court last week court was because the mother of his daughter was seeking a modification of the monthly child support amount the rapper was paying. She wanted Ludacris to pay more money each month for his 1-year-old daughter, Cai.

Though the hearing turned out in favor of the rapper, with him winning primary custody of his daughter, he had his own lyrics read out loud to him in court. In fact, in the last few months, the use of song lyrics in court proceedings has become more common, with courts all over the country having to decide whether or not to use lyrics against an individual.

The mother’s lawyer read out a verse from Ludacris’ “Dancin Dirty” in court before asking if he would want his daughter to have the same experience with a young man. She read these lyrics in an attempt to undermine the rapper’s character, something which plays a significant role in child custody cases especially when it comes to determining what is in the best interest of the child. Luckily for Ludacris, the lyrics of his songs were not interpreted against him by the family law judge presiding over the case.

A parent’s character comes into play very often in divorce and child custody cases, especially in situations in which the parents don’t see eye to eye. It is common for one parent to bring up something negative about the other in an attempt to get more time with the child, and in turn force the other parent to pay a higher amount of child support.

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