The Process Of Adopting An Adult In Pennsylvania

Most of the time when we think of the process of a Pennsylvania adoption we tend to think of a husband and wife adopting a child. However, that is not the only adoption process regulated under PA family law. There is also the process of adopting an adult. In today’s blog, your Pittsburgh Adoption Lawyers describe the process of an adult adoption.

An adult adoption is the adoption of anyone over the age of eighteen. Adult adoption is most commonly seen when dealing with an incapacitated individual or when dealing with an elderly individual. Adopting someone in a situation like this can expedite and ease the process of controlling someone’s medical, financial, and general decisions. It is also often used for the purposes of estate planning.

You can’t just adopt an adult in any situations, however. There are some bars to adult adoption in Pennsylvania. These include fraud, incompetency of the adoptee, and a pre-existing sexual relationship between the intended adoptee and the adoptive individual. Such things will obviously make a court weary of the motives behind the adoption. Some attempt the process of adopting their significant others for the purposes of tax avoidance and asset protection.

As this individual is over the age of 18, there is no consent from the birth parents or anyone (other than the adoptee) needed. Assuming your adoption is a valid one and your Petition for Adoption has been granted, any (legal) relationship between the adopted individual and their biological parents is nullified and ceases to exist. The adoptee’s birth certificate will be amended to list the adopter as the parent.

Adoption in Pennsylvania is a complex process in general and adult adoption is that much more complicated because of the additional requirements. It is absolutely necessary to consult with an experienced adoption attorney when attempting this process. If you are considering adoption or adult adoption, please contact one of our experienced PA Adoption Attorneys today for a consultation!

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