Success Of Pennsylvania Marriages: Place Your Bets!

Would you bet that your Pennsylvania marriage will last forever? Swanluv is willing to take that bet. What’s Swanluv? The new Seattle, Washington-based startup company is set to begin operating next month, in February 2016. Their business model is not only unique, but likely the first of it’s kind.

Swanluv will give eligible couples up to $10,000 to use towards funding their wedding. Eligible couples will be determined by a compatibility test that the company will use to assess potential candidates’ relationships. After assessing a couples’ relationship, the company will determine what amount of funding the couple will receive.

If your marriage lasts forever, you don’t owe Swanluv a cent of the money used to fund your wedding — however, if your marriage doesn’t make it, you owe the loan back, with interest. The interest rate is determined along with the initial fund amount upon completion of the compatibility test.

Founder Scott Avy indicates that the company is an attempt to encourage marriages that last forever, naming the company after swans, which are known to be one of relatively few species that mate for life.

A client’s divorce and subsequent loan payments will go towards funding another couple’s wedding fund, while the company will generate revenue primarily from advertising. In today’s world, this new found company doesn’t come as much of a shock. Most people don’t get married with the expectation that they will get divorced, so if that time comes it can often leave people feeling unprepared and overwhelmed for a multitude of reasons. If you are going through this unfortunate life event and are in need of an experienced practitioner who can guide you through this difficult process, contact our firm today!

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