The Change To Waiting Period For No-Fault Divorces Passes The State House

A few months ago, we posted about the proposed change to the waiting period for no-fault divorces in Pennsylvania. Specifically, the state legislature was debating whether to shorten the waiting period for contested no-fault divorces in Pennsylvania from two years to one year. Recently, a bill reflecting this change in the law passed the Pennsylvania State House. This law was passed as House Bill 380 and signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf on October 4, 2016. This law will go into effect in sixty days (December 4, 2016).

This law is not retroactive, which means that divorces that are currently pending will not be effected by the change in the law. However, for divorces filed after December 4, 2016, the parties will only need to be separated for one year to proceed with equitable distribution. The change in the law does not impact cases where the parties consent to the divorce. If the parties consent, their divorce can still be finalized in ninety days.

If you are considering divorce and you are wondering how this change in the law will impact your case, contact our Pittsburgh office today!

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