Domestic Violence: How It Affects A Divorce

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Survivors of domestic violence often have to file for divorce to protect themselves and their children from further harm. Unfortunately, these types of cases will often get messy, with the abuser attempting to cast doubt on the victim’s statements.

Domestic violence can drastically alter the course of your divorce case. Working with an aggressive but compassionate Pennsylvania divorce lawyer can help ensure that you remain safe and are treated fairly throughout your divorce proceedings.

For more information on domestic violence and how it affects Pennsylvania divorce cases, continue reading.

Protection from Abuse Orders

In the event of domestic violence, a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order can be filed against a family member, current or former intimate partner or anyone who resides in the same household as you.

When a PFA is ordered by the courts, the conditions of the order will vary on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, the alleged abuser may simply be required to avoid contact with the victim of the abuse.

However, a PFA can also demand that the abuser be removed from a shared household, include a no-contact order that can last for a maximum of three years, and grant child custody, child support, and spousal support to the survivor of domestic abuse until these other issues have more fully been addressed in custody or support hearings.

A no-contact order prohibits the defendant from having any contact whatsoever with the victim of domestic violence. This includes contact via social media, email, text message, phone call, or another person. This is true even in cases where the victim has a change of heart and reaches out to the abuser.

When an individual has a PFA with a no-contact order, a violation can result in serious consequences. If the abuser violates the PFA, he or she may be subject to arrest and incarceration until the trial date.

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Divorce Proceedings

When the issue of domestic violence arises in divorce proceedings, it can dramatically impact the case. If either spouse has had a PFA filed against him or her, it can affect who will retain custody of the children, possession of a shared home, and child and spousal support.

Pennsylvania courts take domestic violence seriously. Working with a qualified Pennsylvania family law attorney can ensure that your voice is heard and you are able to come away safe and with everything you are entitled to.

Legal Representation for Your Divorce or Domestic Violence Case

Survivors of domestic violence have the right to leave their toxic situation and begin working toward a better life. When you’re ready to move forward with your divorce after suffering from domestic violence, work with an experienced attorney at Taybron Law Firm, LLC.

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