Father’S Day After Divorce: Make It Meaningful

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This Sunday is Father’s Day, a time to celebrate all of the great dads (and stepdads) in our lives. While this day might be filled with barbeques and baseball games for some, for those families who are separated and going through divorce, it could be confusing and potentially difficult. New challenges arise in these family-centered holidays because of divorce, so today our Pittsburgh family lawyers are bringing you tips on celebrating Father’s Day (and any holiday or birthday) post-divorce!

Diane L. Danois in the Huffington Post makes these suggestions to make sure that Father’s Day is a happy day for the children, even after Divorce:

•1. Remind the children that Father’s Day is coming up. Even if you don’t think that your ex-spouse deserves any recognition at all, they are still the parent of your child and deserve respect for that. You divorce does not change the fact that your child(ren) still love(s) the other parent, and that they want to recognize them. Reminding them gives them time to make a present or decorate a card.

•2. Find out what the child would like to do to recognize the other parent. You can even help them by giving them suggestions. If you really don’t want to spend a dime on the other spouse, then you can still suggest that they cut out construction paper or sprinkle some glitter over glue at home, which costs nothing.

•3. Facilitate the process by taking them shopping or helping them make the gift at home, or taking them to deliver it. Yes, you should help them. While it may be painful for you, when you just want the other spouse to disappear, they’re not going to. You may as well help your children to make the gift and then help them to deliver it, which will make them happy and maintain a strong relationship with the other parent..

While you’re going through your divorce, just remember that while you divorced your ex-spouse, your kids did not divorce their parent. What is best for your child is to maintain that relationship with both parents. And just think, if you make an effort this year, then maybe your ex-spouse will reciprocate.

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