Save Money, Time, And Stress Through Pennsylvania Mediation

Your PA Divorce Mediation Lawyers bring you their thoughts on the benefits of mediation:

Whether you are going through a PA divorce, a custody matter or any other type of family law matter, you should consider the benefits of mediation. Mediation is a process wherein, if the parties are able to completely settle their differences, litigation becomes unnecessary. In Pennsylvania, mediation is encouraged and routinely ordered as part of the course of most family law matters.

Going through a PA divorce or litigation concerning children can be one of the most stressful things you endure. To top it off, you may feel that you do not have much control since ultimately, a judge who does not know you or your family will make decisions greatly affecting you and your family.

Isn’t free choice something our society values? It would seem that in most cases, it is far better to choose what will happen to you and your children than to have someone tell you what will happen. If you and your ex-spouse or ex-partner are willing to compromise, the result, ideally, is a cooperative environment in which children, if you have any, can flourish and witness civility between their parents. Even if you do not have children, a separating couple can probably move forward more amicably through mediation or a collaborative approach than if they went to trial and hurled mud at each other. Other benefits may include:

  • Less stress: Fighting equals stress. Who wants that?
  • Less cost: The less you fight, the less you have to pay attorneys.
  • Faster case resolution: An agreement creates fewer issues to litigate.

There are some situations in which an agreement is not possible – i.e. one parent is a danger to the children. In those cases, as with all cases, the paramount concern is the best interest of the children, and the PA family law courts will do whatever is necessary to protect that interest.

Whenever possible, you should consider mediation to help settle a Pennsylvania family law issue. Should the collaborative approach or mediation be impossible for your situation, our attorneys are ready to help you achieve what is in the best interest of your children. Contact our Western PA office to set up a consultation today.

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