The Role Of The Client In A PA Family Law Case

Today, our Pennsylvania family law attorneys provide our insight as to how our clients can help us in their own family law matters:

When most people think of an attorney-client relationship, they usually think of an attorney helping a client with a problem. This is true; however, there is more to it. Clients, especially in Pittsburgh family law matters, can assist their attorney throughout their case in many different ways. After all, the attorney-client relationship should be one that is mutually beneficial to both parties involved. If a family law attorney has a client that is ready to assist them and has their goal set on quick and efficient case resolution, the entire case will move smoothly and likely end in a satisfactory result for the client.

Want your Pittsburgh family law matter to run smoothly? Here are some tips as to how to best assist your attorney in handling your case:

  • Be organized. In most family law matters such as divorce, custody, and support, many documents are needed from our clients so that we can handle the financial aspect(s) of their case. If a client sends a UPS package with thousands of documents in no particular order, the attorney and his/her staff is going to have to sort through each one of those documents. However, if a client sends an organized set of documents, the middle step of sorting is eliminated, and the case will continue to move forward more quickly.
  • Be honest. If there are some “skeletons in your closet,” be upfront with your PA family law attorney in the beginning. It is better for this information to come to the attorney’s attention earlier in a case than at an inopportune time. Attorneys also take the Attorney-Client Confidentiality Rules very seriously, so, when in doubt, err on the side of disclosing everything that might be relevant to your case.
  • Be forward-looking! This is easier said than done. But often, our attorneys find that the toughest hurdle for family law clients is getting them to move on from the past and start fresh. If you come into your first meeting with your attorney ready to embrace the future and new beginnings in your life, the process of your Allegheny County divorce or Pennsylvania custody case will not seem as bad.
  • Have a goal in mind. Along with being forward-looking, have a concrete goal in mind before you meet with your attorney. Although every single goal may not be met at the end of your case, keeping a few important ones throughout will allow you to move toward a resolution that is best for you. Often, clients can get bogged down from the family law court process, and forget the reasons why they have hired an attorney in the first place. It helps if you write down these goals, and then make sure to discuss them with your attorney!

A client assisting their PA family lawyer with their own case has a cyclical effect: if the client is organized, honest, forward-looking, and has concrete goals, their attorney will be able to more efficiently handle their case and tailor it based on the client’s needs, ending with a positive outcome when the case is over.

If you are facing any sort of Western Pennsylvania family law issue, contact our PA family lawyers at Taybron Law Firm, LLC today. We will work with you during your case and help your case run as smoothly as possible.

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