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How To File For Divorce In PA

Most relationships end long before one or both partners makes the decision to officially end their marriage, but when you are finally ready to take charge of your life, there are many details surrounding your Pennsylvania divorcethat may catch you by surprise.

Below, we go into greater detail about what the grounds for pursuing a divorce are in PA, how to file, and the details that will need to be reviewed before your divorce can be finalized.

Grounds for Divorce in Pennsylvania

As you are preparing to file your PA divorce petition, you will need to consider what your grounds for divorcewill be. Pursuing a fault divorce would mean that you are claiming that your spouse has done something to cause your marriage to irretrievably break down. Adultery and incarceration are common reasons to seek a fault-based divorce.

However, fault divorces are typically more expensive and take longer to finalize, which is why many individuals in Pennsylvania will seek no-fault divorces. In a no-fault divorce, neither party is considered to blame for the end of the marriage.

Once you have made your decision, your attorney can actually file your PA divorce petition on your behalf so you can officially begin to move through the divorce process and on to the next phase of your life.

The Details of Your Divorce Settlement

There is much more that goes into a divorce than simply filing a divorce petition. You will need to work with your spouse to divide your marital property and debts, in a process known as equitable distribution. This process is rarely easy, as many spouses are unable to work together to determine who retains which valuables and assets.

It is important to note that any property, assets, and debts that have been brought into the marriage are not marital property, and should therefore remain with the spouse who brought them into the marriage.

In addition to the division of your property and assets, financial support may be brought up in your divorce case if one spouse earned more than the other or if one spouse was financially dependent on the other. Alimonyis not a right or guarantee in PA divorces, but when it is awarded, it can be temporary, for the duration of the divorce proceedings, or even permanent, in certain instances.

If you need help seeking support or want to be sure you are not taken advantage of by a greedy spouse, consider enlisting the services of an accomplished Pennsylvania divorce attorney. We can also help with calculating Pennsylvania spousal support.

Reach Out to a Highly Trained PA Divorce Attorney

Whether you and your soon-to-be former spouse have chosen to divorce amicably or are at each other’s throats, an aggressive PA divorce lawyer at Taybron Law Firm, LLC, P.C.can help you protect your rights as you negotiate your divorce settlement.

To learn more about what the divorce process is going to look like for you, schedule your initial consultation at our office. You can reach us by phone at (412) 231-9786 (412) 231-9786 or through the submission form provided below.

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