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Enforcing Dade County Child Support Orders

In Florida, child support enforcement is accomplished initially through the entry of an Income Deduction Order. An Income Deduction Order (“IDO”) is an order of court that is sent to the employer of a person who owes support requiring that the employer deduct the amount owed for support from the employee’s wages and send it directly to the court’s central depositor who will in turn forward the payments to the person entitled to receive them. If a spouse or parent who owes support fails to pay their support obligation through an Income Deduction Order or through direct payments, that parent or spouse can be found in contempt of court.

If the Family Court finds the respondent in a support action in contempt of court, theMiami-Dade County Family Court’s child support enforcement techniques may include jailing a dead-beat parent for non-support, placing a lien against their assets including real estate, automobiles or other property, suspending their Florida driver’s license, intercepting any IRS tax refunds or moneys deposited into any bank accounts or imposing other penalties as allowed by the Florida child support enforcement laws.

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