Paternity Disestablishment

Florida Paternity Fraud Laws

Paternity can be established when a couple is married and the woman gives birth, by the joint filing of a paternity affidavit, or otherwise. In some situations, the man who has been told he is the biological father of a child and who has accepted the rights and responsibilities of fatherhood really is not the child’s biological parent. If facts come to light where the alleged father questions his paternity of a minor child or there is actual paternity fraud, the father may be able to seek relief through a theory of the law called paternity disestablishment.

In Florida, paternity disestablishment is a legal process to declare the alleged father not the biological father and relieve him of child support obligations. Sometimes the emotional bond between the alleged father and child is so great that true parentage does not matter. The alleged father should seriously contemplate an action for paternity disestablishment as if proven it will generally also eliminate any time-sharing rights to the child. In other cases where distance or other factors have prevented a meaningful parent-child relationship, paternity disestablishment may permit both parents and the child to move forward without an ongoing contentious relationship. The issue must be addressed with the court immediately upon receipt of information leading the alleged father to question his paternity or the right to seek a paternity disestablishment may be lost. If the man named the father does not have access to the child to have paternity testing done, our Miami paternity lawyers can petition the court to require DNA testing.

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