Contested Divorce in PA

When a married couple makes the decision to dissolve their marriage, it’s bound to create some conflict. But it can be even more challenging when you are unable to come to an agreement surrounding the division of your property and assets, child custody, and/or spousal or child support.

Spouses who are able to agree on how to resolve these issues enter into an uncontested divorce, and their divorce is able to be finalized much more quickly; many couples can even be divorced within ninety days after they’ve been separated for at least one year. Other couples may have a contested divorce. Continue reading to learn more about what happens when your divorce is contested and how it may impact your life.

What Happens When Your Divorce Is Contested

In Pennsylvania, as in most states, if a soon-to-be former couple is unable to resolve their issues on their own, it is often in everyone’s best interest to move forward with a family mediation meeting. Here, a mediator will be able to listen to both parties’ wishes and concerns and make helpful suggestions that will be to the benefit of all involved.

Either party may be required to give a little in order to meet in the middle and come to a reasonable resolution. In the event that you are unable to work through your issues in mediation, your case will be brought to court, where a judge will make these important decisions for you.

It is wise for you to try to find a solution to the points of contention before going through a contested divorce, as these can often take an exorbitant amount of time and be quite costly. The best thing you can do is stand your ground on matters that you value and be prepared to concede in other, less valuable areas so that your case doesn’t need to go through a lengthy court process.

How a Contested Divorce May Impact You

Going through a contested divorce means that a judge will be the one making decisions regarding the aspects of your divorce that you and your spouse are unable to agree on. For instance, if you are unable to come to a custody arrangement and visitation schedule, the judge will review your case and render a decision that is in the best interests of the children.

Or perhaps your former partner is dead set on keeping your shared home and your shared vehicle; the judge will examine certain factors, such as both spouses’ income and expenses, nonmarital assets on either side, and tax consequences, to name a few.

It truly is in everyone’s best interests to try to settle your disputes together rather than going forward with a contested divorce. Regardless, your PA divorce lawyer can be of assistance during this time to ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of by your former spouse.

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