Can I Sue for Fault in a Pennsylvania Divorce?

Many spouses considering divorce are under the impression that they can only file on no-fault grounds. Fortunately, filing for divorce in PA on fault grounds is still a viable option for spouses who have been wronged by their soon-to-be ex. 

Below, we go into greater detail about what it means to file for a fault-based divorce and why doing so could be in your best interests. 

Filing a Fault-Based Divorce

When your spouse has wronged you in some way, whether through domestic violence, adultery, or something else that destroyed your marriage, you may be tempted to move forward with a fault-based divorce so they are held accountable for the harm they’ve caused you. 

Unfortunately, proceeding with a fault-based divorce rarely benefits anyone wanting to end their marriage as quickly as possible. Although fault-based divorce is certainly an option, it is often far more expensive and takes longer to finalize than a no-fault divorce.

Reasons to Proceed with a Fault Divorce

However, there are several reasons you might choose to move forward with a fault divorce. First, you may simply just want to ensure that your spouse is named liable for the demise of your marriage, and there is nothing wrong with doing so. 

But, another important reason is if you’re seeking alimony from your spouse, or if your spouse earns less than you and will likely seek alimony. In this case, fault can play a part in whether an alimony award is issued, but has no bearing on how your marital property is divided in your divorce settlement. 

Contact a Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer

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