How Does Divorce Mediation Work in Pennsylvania?

It is not uncommon for the divorce process to become particularly volatile, especially if one spouse feels wronged by the other. It is important that you do everything in your power to resolve these disputes with your ex, as failure to do so will usually result in the judge making a final decision in your case.

Read on to learn more about the various issues that you can find a solution to if you head to family mediation and what to expect as you head in for your first appointment.

Points to Resolve in Mediation

Making the decision to end your marriage can often be the easiest decision to be made throughout the divorce process. You will need to figure out how your marital assets, property, and debts will be divided and whether one spouse will be required to pay alimony to the other, how much they may pay, and for how long.

The details of equitable distribution and spousal support discussions can be tumultuous, but when you work with family mediation, a mediator will be there to benefit both parties and be the voice of reason during your family struggles.

What to Expect during Your Mediation Appointment

During family mediation, a mediator will be present to listen to the entire divorce dispute from both parties’ perspectives. Once the mediator has heard both sides, they will then work with you to compromise and see if you can work together to reach an agreement regarding your particular issues.

It should not come as a surprise if you need to attend multiple mediation sessions before sending your agreement to the judge to become binding.

Contact a Pennsylvania Divorce Mediation Lawyer

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