How Does Military Divorce Work in Pennsylvania?

Many married military couples who are ready for their marriage to end are hesitant to do so because they believe a military divorce will be far too complicated and expensive to handle. Fortunately, obtaining divorce as a military couple is not much different than divorcing as a civilian. 

There are, however, some additional components that may come up as your divorce proceeds. Below, we go into greater detail about alimony and how your marital property will be divided in your military divorce.

Equitable Distribution in Military Divorce

Divorce for military families is quite similar to civilian divorce, with a couple of distinct differences. First, it is important to note that whether you or your spouse are stationed outside of Pennsylvania, the divorce papers will need to be served wherever the military spouse is stationed. This can be complex, as it often requires that your attorney reach your spouse’s superior first.

Once the divorce papers have been served, you can begin to divide up your property and debts. Assets will not necessarily be divided in half, as PA is an equitable distribution state. 

What sets military families apart in this process is the fact that military families also have living expense stipends, military retirement benefits, and other benefits that may be considered marital property and must therefore be divided fairly between both spouses.

Things to Know about Spousal Support

Alimony is not necessarily a guarantee in military divorces, or any divorce, for that matter. But if one spouse earns more than the other, the lesser-earning spouse could be entitled to spousal support

If a support order is implemented, the previously mentioned military benefits can also be taken into consideration when calculating the amount of alimony that will be ordered. Apart from this important distinction, spousal support cases are very nearly identical to those of families who do not serve in the military.

Meet with a Pennsylvania Military Divorce Lawyer

Though divorces in the military are similar in many ways to a civilian divorce, there are certain components that may require special legal attention. 

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