How Much Does It Cost to Obtain Custody of a Child in PA?

Most parents will do whatever it takes to retain custody of their child, but sometimes, money troubles can hold back an otherwise capable and competent parent from rightfully obtaining custody of their child in Pennsylvania. 

With this in mind, below we have described some of the most common child custody expenses you should prepare for and gone into further detail about how you can cut some of these costs and potentially keep your case out of court by heading to family mediation. 

Custody Expenses You Should Prepare For

In addition to the fee you will pay your family law attorney for assisting you with your custody claim, you should also prepare to pay the fee for filing an action in Pennsylvania family court. The amount of this filing fee will vary depending on the family court you need to go to, but it will typically range anywhere from $90 to $110. 

This is the only other legal fee that you should expect to pay in order to fight for custody of your child. If you are unable to afford the action fee, then you may be able to qualify for an IFP, or a petition to proceed In Forma Pauperis, if you collect state assistance benefits or collect supplemental security income benefits. 

Why Consider Settling outside of Court

If you and your child’s other parent are able to work together to resolve your custody dispute, you may be able to avoid going to court and instead proceed with mediation. This will save you the action fee described above and may result in your custody case being resolved more quickly than if you had to wait to go to court. 

What is more, if your case goes to court, the judge will be responsible for deciding your custody plan, which could mean you are unable to obtain the custody arrangement you were hoping for

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