How to Prove a Parent Is Unfit in PA

When your child’s other parent is making poor lifestyle choices or is otherwise incapable of properly caring for your child, you may need to seek a sole custody arrangement or other parenting plan that is in the best interests of your child. 

Proving that your child’s other parent is unfit to care for them is difficult but sometimes necessary. For this reason, we have gone into greater detail below about how you can prove that a parent is unfit in the state of Pennsylvania. 

When Would a Parent Be Considered Unfit?

Sadly, there are many instances in which a parent might be considered unfit. When a parent is not capable or willing to provide for their children, not only financially, but emotionally, you may need to petition the court for an alternative custody plan. 

Parents who are not in good physical health, are struggling with a mental health condition, have substance abuse or alcohol problems, or who are convicted of certain types of crimes are all examples of parents who may be deemed unfit. 

Bringing Your Family Law Case before the Judge

If you believe that you are going to need to prove that a child’s parent is unfit, you will first want to be sure that you are gathering evidence to prove their issues to the judge. 

Text messages, audio recordings, social media postings, photographs, video footage, and witness statements are all some types of evidence you could present in court that could prove your family law case. You can speak with your attorney in greater detail to learn more about what to expect when you go before the judge to prove a parent is unfit. 

Meet with a PA Child Custody Lawyer

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