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New Jersey deadbeat dad, Pedro Quezada, probably wasn’t the only one celebrating his jackpot winnings last week. Quezada, the winner of last week’s $338 million Powerball jackpot is also the father of five children ranging in age from 5 to 23 for whom he owes a staggering $29,000 in past due child support. According to CNN, Quezada has been delinquent on his child support obligation for some time now, a warrant being issued for his arrest in connection with the unpaid sum in 2009. Fortunately for Quezada’s children, and the State of New Jersey, a portion of Quezada’s Powerball jackpot will be used to satisfy his child support obligation immediately upon its disbursement, but Quezada even has a chance to get his hands on the winnings.

As a matter of policy, the New Jersey Lottery checks every person who wins more than $600 for outstanding taxes, liens and child support payments. If a winner is found to have an outstanding lien or judgment, the amount owed is garnished from the winnings automatically. In Quezada’s case, because he chose to receive his winnings in a lump sum, he will likely only walk away with approximately $128 million of the $338 million jackpot as the New Jersey lottery will withhold 28% of his winnings for taxes and another $29,000 of his winnings to satisfy his delinquent child support debt. Although $128 million is no chump change, Quezada’s story serves as a reminder to all that the state will take all steps necessary to ensure that delinquent child support payments are made and will garnish the amount owed from even relatively nominal lottery winnings.

Parents who owe child support should be aware that the state can also collect delinquent child support debt in the following ways:

  • Garnishing wages
  • Seizing property
  • Intercepting tax refunds
  • Liens placed against bank accounts

If you currently owe child support and are delinquent on your obligation, contact our office today to learn about the possibility modifying your child support obligation to better reflect your earnings.

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