Child Custody Schedules In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, parents may split custody of children in several ways. For example, both parents may want to have an equal amount of time with their children, and may decide shared custody is the best approach for them. This would allow each parent to have the children for 50% of the time. For other parents, this type of schedule might not work. One parent may take primary custody of the children while the other has partial custody. This would allow the children to spend more than half of the time with one parent, while still being able to see the other parent on a regular basis.

There are many different schedules that parents can work out when it comes to child custody in Pennsylvania. It can be difficult to decide what type of schedule would be best for everyone, including the children. Some parents might exercise custody of the children on a bi-weekly or even bi-monthly basis. Others may decide that one parent will have custody during the week, while the other parents will have custody every weekend.

Many considerations can go into deciding a custody schedule for the children. For example, parents may want to consider the age of the children, how close the parents live to each other, work schedules, extracurricular activities the children are involved in, etc. No matter what custody schedule is chosen, it is important to remember that in Pennsylvania, custody schedules can always be changed. A schedule that works for a child who is 5 may not work for a child who is 15. Custody schedules can grow with children and parents alike.

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