Co-parent Communication in Allegheny County

Communication between co-parents can often be difficult and stressful. Depending on email and text message for communication can be especially complicated due to message failures, lost messages, and misreading. When sharing custody of your children, there are tools that alleviate and simplify scheduling and communicating with the other co-parent. Courts in Allegheny County often order or recommend the use of The Our Family Wizard.

Our Family Wizard is a co-parenting tool that allows parents to share a calendar which reflects not only the custody schedule, but also the activities and appointments of the children. Utilizing this feature can promote a more cohesive co-parenting environment as it keeps both co-parents in the know of what their children are doing when they aren’t in their care. Additionally, there is a “trade and swap” feature that allows parents to reschedule their custody time according to events that come up like vacations, extended family events, and anything else that may cause need for rescheduling times. This feature allows a fair and conflict free way to follow custody orders and keeps time fair.

This tool also provides features such as a family message board, expense log, and records for court. The message board alleviates issues with losing emails or not receiving texts by keeping all postings and communication in one place. It also keeps a record of conversations that can be printed and used in court to resolve any conflict that may arise. The expense log helps to manage expenses that are shared between the parties. This feature also allows the co-parents to transfer funds to one another. Like all the features in Our Family Wizard, the expense log also provides a record of expenses that can be used to keep things even and avoid conflict. Additionally, everything on Our Family Wizard is printable for paper records as well as court records.

Utilizing a tool like Our Family Wizard can be extremely helpful in relationships where individuals want an organized system of communication and scheduling that will promote structure and keep children out of tense situations. Many courts in Allegheny County order the use of it, however any individuals seeking to structure their custody time this way may also use it.

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