“Two And A Half Men” Actor Faces Child Support Suit

Your Allegheny County child support lawyers bring you the latest:

“Two and a Half Men’s” Jon Cryer was successfully able to oppose his ex-wife’s petition to modify his monthly child support payments from $8,000 to $88,000. TMZ reports that Cryer’s ex-wife, Sarah Trigger, wasn’t satisfied with the $8,000 monthly payment and wanted more money for her children, arguing that her ex makes $2 million a month, so he should up the ante on his payments. Unfortunately for Trigger, however, a California judge dismissed the request based on proof of Cryer’s income, which was not the $2 million his ex-wife claimed, and his monthly expenses.

Many of our Allegheny child support clients may be wondering why Trigger was even able to get to court on this. Well, there are situations in which a child support order can be modified. When a court issues a monthly child support payment amount, it doesn’t mean that the amount is set in stone until your child turns 18. In fact, Pittsburgh parents can request a modification in child support when there are changes in circumstances that warrant an increase or decreased child support payment.

Changed circumstances that may lead to either an upward or downward modification of PA child support payments can include:

  • Changes (increases or decreases) to one or both parents’ incomes,
  • A parent getting laid off or fired, or
  • Changes in the needs of the child.

When a petition for a modification is filed by one parent, the Pittsburgh family court will review the evidence presented to it and make a decision. A major factor that is always kept in mind, aside from the ones listed above, is the best interest of the child. A court will not lessen PA child support payments unless the situation has truly changed for one parent because child support payments are intended to help the child.

During the modification process, the parents must provide financial documents, such as income and expenses, child care expenses, and unemployment benefits. This will help the judge assess each parent’s financial situation to determine whether a modification is warranted.

In the case of the Two and a Half Men star, he submitted an income declaration showing that he earns about $700,000 a month and that his expenses were about $19,000 per month. Based on Cryer’s income declaration, the judge denied the modification request and his child support payments were ordered to remain the same.

If you are seeking to have your current PA child support order modified, you need the help of experienced lawyers. The Pittsburgh child support modification lawyers at Taybron Law Firm, LLC have handled many child support cases and we are here to help you and your children get the money they deserve.

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