Changing A Child Support Order In PA

When the parents of a child or children are not parenting together, each parent is typically going to be financially responsible for their children, even in cases where one parent has no desire to maintain a relationship with their children. 

With that being said, once a child support order has been implemented, making modifications is not a simple process. In order to modify your current child support order, you will need to  explain to a Pennsylvania judge why you are seeking these proposed changes and why these modifications are going to be in the best interests of your children. 

Continue reading to learn more about child support, the best interests of your children, and how to obtain a child support modification in PA.

What Is in the Best Interests of Your Children?

The question of what is in the best interests of your children is the primary deciding factor in any type of child custody, child support, or child visitation case. Sometimes, making modifications to your current child support order, perhaps by increasing or decreasing the amount to be paid, for example, is in your child’s best interests. 

Common reasons for seeking such modifications include the loss of a job, an increase in wages for either parent, the addition of siblings, a serious medical diagnosis (and therefore healthcare costs), and other unexpected financial gains or hardships. 

Many parents are under the impression that they will be struggling financially when paying child support, and while for some this may be the case, the courts have no intention of making it impossible to continue covering necessary living expenses for your kids. 

The judge presiding over your Pennsylvania case will take a careful look at both parents’ incomes, expenses, and financial affairs before making a determination regarding what a fair and reasonable child support order should be.

How to Modify an Existing Child Support Order

If you are interested in making modifications to an existing child support order, you will need to file a petition to do so with the Pennsylvania courts. If you and your child’s other parent are able to come to an agreement about any proposed modifications or can come to one in mediation proceedings, your request can be signed off on by the judge and made binding. 

However, if you and your child’s other parent do not agree or cannot come to an agreement on proposed modifications, then your case will need to be heard by the judge. We will need to be prepared to prove to the judge that these modifications are, in fact, in the best interests of your children. If that can be done, then the judge will grant your request and enact a new child support order.

Contact a Pennsylvania Child Support Attorney

If you have an existing child support order that needs to be modified, or if you need assistance obtaining a child support order, reach out to an experienced Pennsylvania child support lawyer at Taybron Law Firm, LLC, P.C. You can give a family lawyer at our office a call at (412) 231-9786 or fill out the provided contact form at the bottom of this page when you are ready to schedule your consultation.

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