Tips For Being Optimistic During Your PA Divorce

Often times, our clients tell us that it is tough for them to stay optimistic during their PA divorce. With piles of paperwork, big decisions to make, and emotions running high, this is often a very difficult time in people’s lives. A recent article from the Huffington Post provides insight into ways that you can stay positive in your own life. These tips are especially applicable for those going through a divorce. The saying is – when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Tip 1: Be grateful. We often lose sight of what is most important in our lives when we are going through a tough time, especially our divorce. If you are mourning the loss of your marriage, remember that this does not mean that all of your relationships will end this way. Keep in mind your family and friends that continue to love and care for you throughout the entire divorce process. Remember your blessings!

Tip 2: Share your stories. Especially for those going through a divorce, it may be a great support network to speak to your friends or coworkers who have also gone through a divorce. This is because they may be able to relate to the emotions you are going through and help you realize that you will be able to continue moving on with your life, as long as you take things step by step.

Tip 3: Forgive. This depends on the person – but forgiveness is the key to moving forward post-divorce. This does not mean, however, that you must force a friendly relationship with your ex when you are not ready for it. But remember that forgiving someone sets YOU free – and your will be able to move forward post-divorce with a new sense of freedom in your life.

Tip 4: Turn anger into energy. Maybe you are holding a lot of anger related to your divorce that is affecting your personal life and your attitude at your job. If you start to notice this anger permeating your life, maybe it’s time to convert that anger into energy! Whether its yoga, kickboxing, lunchtime walks, or meditation – try something new to convert anger into positive energy!

Tip 5: Understand that the past is not a blueprint for the future. Things can and will turn up if you have a positive attitude! Be patient with yourself throughout the transition process, but realize that finding a new relationship, a new outlook, or a new attitude will come with time. Just breathe, relax, and trust that you can now create the blueprint for your own future!

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