Asking For A Divorce In Pennsylvania

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To most people in Pennsylvania, the concept of asking for a divorce seems unfathomable, and for those who have decided it is necessary, asking for it is one of the hardest things they will ever have to do. Many couples have reached a point where they have mutually recognized the need for a divorce due to their inability to get along and repair their relationship, however for the spouse who knows they will be catching their partner off guard, this situation can be even more emotionally devastating. It is essential to approach this conversation calmly, respectfully, and with caution. It is very important to start the divorce process off on as best of footing as possible, as it is well known divorces can be exceptionally volatile.

The first step may be to consult with a divorce attorney. Divorce attorneys have seen it all and can counsel you legally as well as practically throughout the entire process of your divorce. If you explain your issue, a seasoned attorney should be able to identify the right course of action for you to take in order to mitigate extreme conflict based in anger and resentment. Beyond telling your spouse, you can also receive advice on how to tell your family, friends, and most importantly, your children. Children play a crucial role in divorce and further custody proceedings. It is extremely important to be very sensitive and in tune with their emotions during this time. Family, friends, and children should absolutely be notified after you have told your spouse.

Once you have brought up divorce to your spouse, the next step is figuring out the bigger details. Where are you going to live? Who is taking the family car? And other questions of this nature. Having a preliminary discussion of what property you have acquired during marriage and who should keep it can be very helpful in the equitable distribution phase of a divorce or in drafting a martial settlement agreement, should you chose this route.

Again, it is extremely helpful to seek counsel from a Pennsylvania divorce attorney from start to finish with these matters. If you have any questions about divorce and its process, please contact any of our divorce attorneys today!