Mark Anthony Ordered To Pay His Ex $26,000 A Month In Child Support

Mark Anthony was recently ordered to pay his ex-wife Dayanara Torres $26,800 in child support for their two children. The couple divorced over ten years ago, however Torres believed that her ex-husband should be paying more in child support and thus dragged him back into court. Torres additionally asserted that Anthony was “hiding his millions” when he claimed he couldn’t calculate his actual net worth due to his extremely high income. The judge was not satisfied with Anthony’s subpar income calculation and therefore ordered he submitted all of his financial and accounting information to him.

On the other side of the battle, Torres was asserting her monthly $13,000 child support order should be increased by $100,000. She based this claim in a need to provide even lifestyles for their children when they are with her or their father. She explained she couldn’t afford the celebrity lifestyle of private jets, and exotic places without a payment of $113,000 a month. The judge obviously did not see the need to increase the monthly support payments as such, however he did double what she was initially receiving.

Most states, including Pennsylvania, determine child support on a basis of reasonable needs of the child. Quality of life prior to separation is typically a factor, however as long as the children are living in a reasonable manner, the court typically will not award excessive amounts for support. Child support is a case-by-case basis, however it is important to have appropriate legal representation when going through a support matter. Divorce can be hostile and the other party can request excessive amounts solely for the purpose of putting you out. This is why it is important to protect yourself and your money and give yourself fair representation in child support matters. If you are going through a child support dispute, please contact one of our qualified Pennsylvania family lawyers today!

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