Pittsburgh Mayor Marries Same-Sex Couples Downtown

Sunday, June 15, 2014, was a very special day for some same-sex couples in Pittsburgh. Mayor Bill Peduto presided over several same-sex marriages downtown. Sunday was also PrideFest in Pittsburgh, so these marriages were met with a huge celebration. Some of the couples who were married even rode on floats in the Pride Parade. The Mayor wanted to be a part of the annual Pride celebration in Pittsburgh, and certainly found a memorial way to participate in the weekend.

This was the first time Mayor Peduto officiated over any marriage ceremony. Although same-sex couples have been getting married since the ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, these marriages have been performed mostly by judges or licensed officiates. To celebrate these marriages, local businesses donated all of the typical wedding necessities such as flowers, food, and cake. There was a special reception after the weddings for all of the newly married couples and their guests. Mayor Peduto even gave the toast to the couples at the reception.

Sunday was certainly a historic day for same-sex couples in Allegheny County. Many couples were excited to have the support of the Mayor. Overall, PrideFest drew thousands of LGBT people to Pittsburgh, and many of these attendees were also very excited to see the Mayor play such a huge role in the festivities. As more and more same-sex couples decide to officially marry in Pennsylvania, our PA family law firm is committed to serving all western PA citizens. If you are considering getting married, contact our office to find out more about pre-wedding legal services today.

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