Celebrity Weddings: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

One of the most anticipated events in the celebrity world finally took place this past weekend, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West officially got married. The ceremony was held in Florence, Italy, with most of the pre-wedding activities taking place in Paris, France. Although this was probably the most talked about wedding since Will and Kate walked down the aisle, it seems most people either want to know all of the details, or would prefer to not hear about the wedding at all. Either way, there may at least be a few lessons we can learn from this week-long wedding spectacle.

The venue(s) – Kimye, as they are known together, originally wanted to be married in Paris. However, there are strict residency requirements for marriage there. Unfortunately, the bride and groom were denied a waiver for the residency requirement so Kim and Kanye were instead married in Italy. There was another rumored issue with the marriage license, where a source close to the couple were reporting they had to obtain a California marriage license before they even left for Europe, but this rumor was apparently denied by the couple. It is important to note that when planning any sort of destination wedding, the parties must do research and check up on the laws regarding marriage ceremonies. It would be terrible to spend all that time and money on a wedding only to discover that the marriage will not be recognized when you return from the honeymoon.

The prenup? – Although there have been no confirmed details surrounding a prenuptial agreement, it is safe to assume the couple signed one before the big day. Kim, who went through a very public divorce last year, most likely would want to have measures in place should the marriage not work out. Assuming there is a prenup in place, it is probably a tight agreement that was seen by multiple attorneys along the way. Whether you are a couple worth millions like Kimye, or just an average couple looking to get married, it never hurts to get more information onĀ prenuptial agreementsĀ before saying “I do.”

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