Divorce Mediation

Couples have various options when pursuing a divorce in Pennsylvania. One cost effective option is mediation.

Mediation is a more confidential, cost effective and less hostile approach when compared to traditional divorces that involve lawyers in front of a judge. Mediation also can help to insulate entire families from the emotional devastation and resentment divorce can create for anyone affected by the divorce. Working with a mediator allows couples to openly discuss their sides and viewpoints on each issue arising from separation. The mediator helps the couple to identify the choices and decisions that are needed in order to adequately get through the divorce process. If the individuals come to resolutions that are mutually acceptable, the mediator has the power to document these resolutions and develop a consent order which the individuals can ultimately sign and treat as their divorce document. The document created out of mediation is known as the Memorandum of Understanding, and this document is used to create the Separation Agreement, which is the document that will ultimately be filed with the court.

Another positive of mediation is its discreet nature. As mediation is done privately with the parties and their choice of representation, the process is highly confidential opposed to the process when divorce is pursued in a court of law. Additionally, mediation is comparatively much less time consuming and therefore much less costly to either individual.

Overall, divorce mediation is a great alternative for the right individuals who are looking to resolve issues quickly, save money, and move on with their new lives.

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