Casinos Begin Checking Databases For Overdue Child Support

A new policy has been implemented in Ohio which the state believes will help them collect overdue child support. The state has expanded what it has called its “intercept program” in order to collect overdue child support payments from individuals who win money at casinos.

According to reports, four casinos in the state began working with the Ohio Department of Job and Family services this week. The intercept program, which in 2001 began identifying lottery and racing winners that owed child support, now also screens individuals who win more than a certain amount in specified games to see if they owe child support. If they do, the winnings are taken from them to pay the money they owe.

The initiative, which as mentioned was launched this week in four Ohio casinos, is expected to do a great deal of good. The intercept programs tied to the lottery and racing winnings has led to the collection of almost $3 million in past due child support in the last 13 years. A spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Job and Family services hopes that their new partnership with the casinos will also be successful and that they will be able to recover significant amount of past due child support payments for the children of Ohio.

The new Ohio casino policy may begin to spread, especially when officials can confirm that the program is successful. For now PA parents don’t have to worry about losing their casino winnings if they have missed child support payments. Pennsylvania parents, however, should be aware that any lottery winnings of more than $2,500 will be taken by the state if a parent owes PA child support.

If you have an order to pay child support and find yourself struggling to make these monthly payments, contact our Western PA Child Support Lawyers. Depending on the situation you may qualify for a modification of your PA child support order and this change may be able to help you meet your obligation. On the other hand, if you are the parent of a child who is supposed to be getting monthly child support but the other parent continues to fail to make payments, you too should contact our Pittsburgh child support attorneys. Our team will work with you to modification of your PA child support order and make sure your child is getting the payments he or she is entitled to.

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