The Most Unique Pennsylvania Prenups

We all know about the typical Pennsylvania prenuptial agreements. They serve to divide property, determine alimony, and provide many other benefits, making things a lot easier for a couple if they do end up divorced. But these are just some of the things that a couple can choose to include in a prenuptial agreement, many other aspects of married life can be covered in a prenup as well.

One thing which I’m sure many couples wish that had prenups to cover is relatives. One couple decided that one mother-in-law could not stay for overnight visit and another couple stated that family visits, in general and on either side, could not last more than two days. Another thing that many wives probably wish they had had the foresight to include in a prenup is “man time” during football season. One wife had a provision put in her prenup which limited him to having friends over for one football game per week.

If you think those provisions are unique, you haven’t heard anything. One other couple put provisions in their pre-nup about the number of times per week that they were required to be intimate with each other. Their agreed upon number was 3-4 times. And the most “creative,” and pretty mean, of all were at least two couples who included weight provisions in their prenups. According to the terms of the agreement, the wife was not allowed to gain more than 120 pounds, or she would lose a significant amount of money. In another prenup, a husband charged his wife $500 for every pound she gained for over a certain amount of weight.

These provisions may seem crazy, because some of them are both crazy and mean, but they come from actual prenups drafted by family law attorneys at the requests of their clients. Even though provisions such as these may be a part of a couple’s Pennsylvania premarital agreement, doesn’t mean it will definitely be enforced by a court upon divorce. The discretion for deciding if they are enforceable post-divorce lies with the judge.

If you are considering entering into a Pennsylvania premarital agreement or even a postnuptial agreement, contact our Western PA Family Lawyers at Taybron Law Firm, LLC. We will provide you with the legal representation needed to draft a marital agreement that protects you and one that you and your spouse or soon to be spouse will both be happy with. Contact us today for a consultation.

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