Child Custody Laws in PA for Fathers

Having a child custody agreement when you and your child’s other parent are not raising your children together is critical to protect all involved parties. Both mothers and fathers have the right to a relationship with their children unless they prove to be detrimental to the children. 

However, many fathers are not aware of their rights or how to go about securing the parenting plan they feel would be best for their child. Read on to learn more about what your rights are as a dad as per Pennsylvania law and how you can go about fighting for those parental rights.

Father’s Rights in Pennsylvania

Years ago when a married couple divorced or the relationship ended, mothers were often given the upper hand in court. Unfortunately, this preconceived notion of child custody still runs rampant today, but the courts do not actually favor the mother anymore. 

These days, fathers have just as much of a right to raise and be a part of their child’s lives as the mother does. Parental rights for both parents are protected under Pennsylvania law.

If you were married, the children will typically automatically be assumed to be yours, but for unmarried couples who have split up, obtaining a paternity test will often be the first step in coming to a child custody agreement.

Obtaining Custody of Your Child

Once paternity has been established, you will be able to then work with your child’s other parent in order to come to a child custody agreement that is in the best interests of your child or children. Generally, the Pennsylvania courts hope to provide the children with a shared legal and physical custody plan, if possible, as quality time with both parents has been shown to provide the most benefits. 

However, it is possible to obtain a partial, primary, or sole custody agreement if it becomes necessary. You may attend mediation to resolve any custody disputes, but if an agreement cannot be made, it’s possible to bring your case before a family law judge for a decision.

Speak with a PA Child Custody Lawyer

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