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Pennsylvania Divorce: Alimony

As Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyers, we are frequently asked questions regarding entitlement to alimony. Alimony in Pennsylvania is only available when "economic justice and the reasonable needs of the parties cannot be achieved by way of equitable distribution, or the division of marital assets and debts." An Alimony award is determined after an analysis of statutory factors. If after an analysis of the factors, the Court determines that it is necessary to provide the one party with sufficient income to obtain the "necessities of life." It will award an alimony amount. The purpose of alimony is to attempt to ensure that a spouse who is unable to support himself/herself are provided with reasonable needs.

Surrogacy in Pennsylvania

Many situations can cause a person to consider the possibility of a surrogate to carry a fetus: sterility, same-sex relationships, or fear of passing on bloodborne conditions, for example. In Pennsylvania, there is no statutory law governing surrogacy. There are also substantial public policies at play, which may not be intuitive, that may prevent certain types of surrogacy agreements from being enforceable. Considering surrogacy can be a daunting process that requires careful consideration and finding an option that is right for your situation. This piece will discuss some different surrogacy arrangements and their implications.

Pennsylvania child custody frustrations

Child custody disputes are terribly frustrating for everyone involved, and that is not likely to differ from state to state. There are a number of forces at work that make custody disputes trying. On the one hand, most issues surrounding custody of children happens when the parties are communicating one-on-one, which often results in there being no documented evidence of the conversation. This opens up the possibility that a parent might fabricate the contents of the conversation, as well as the possibility that, even if everyone recalls the conversation exactly as it occurred, there will be different interpretations of the conversation by the parties. This can lead the parties to come to mistrust the other party and, given the highly emotional atmosphere, to attribute malicious motives to the other party.

Pennsylvania foster parent rights

Foster parents are an invaluable resource in Pennsylvania. They provide homes to children when the children's parents cannot or will not provide adequate care. Being a foster parent, with its many rewards, also comes with many frustrations.

Pennsylvania Engagement Gifts

Our Pittsburgh Family Lawyers are often asked "what happens to an engagement ring if a wedding is called off?" The answer varies depending on what state you live in. It is a question of whether the court applies an analysis of who is at fault for the cancellation of the engagement

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