Easy, Simple, Cheap, Free Divorce in Miami?

The question you should answer is are you looking for a great deal or a great attorney? While it is true that in Florida divorcing spouses can obtain a “quickie divorce” using the Simplified Dissolution of Marriage process pro se without utilizing a lawyer for divorce, doing so is ill-advised. As the old saying goes, “a person who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer.” Every divorcing spouse should have independent representation from an experienced Florida divorce lawyer because once the terms are finalized by Marriage Settlement Agreement or Order of Court, most of the terms regarding the division of assets in the divorce cannot be changed unless it is proven that the terms regarding the division of property in the divorce were entered as a result of fraud, duress, or coercion.This means that if either spouse did not hire his or her own experienced Florida divorce lawyer and forgot to address an issue or did not fully understand the legal and/or financial ramifications of their decisions, it is generally too late to change the terms after the Marital Settlement Agreement is made or Order entered by the Family Court. An experienced Florida divorce attorney understands all current as well as potential future problems that can occur in a divorce situation and can help to minimize the problems both now and in the future.

Do you understand the impact of pensions and divorce, how retirement plans are valued for distribution purposes or how to obtain a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) securing payment for the share of the marital pension or other retirement plan that you were awarded? Our Florida divorce attorneys do.

Do you know the tax consequences of divorcing that are created when you are awarded certain marital assets or sell certain assets such as the marital home? Our Miami divorce lawyers do.

Do you know how the laws on child custody or how to write a parenting plan to minimize conflicts concerning the children in the future? Our Dade County child custody lawyers do.

A skilled Florida divorce attorney can make sure all of your concerns are fully addressed and that all necessary divorce paperwork is completed and filed with the Florida family court. After a consultation, our Miami-Dade County divorce lawyers will generally be able to quote you a flat fee for preparing the documents for an uncontested proceeding and attendance at the final hearing. Our flat fee for a Florida uncontested divorce does not include any costs, which may include court related charges or other charges.

While our Miami divorce lawyers encourage our clients to resolve a divorce or other family law legal issue with the other party in an uncontested manner, we are experienced trial lawyers and are prepared to zealously represent our Miami divorce clients in any contested family court trial or other court matter. In all of our cases, our Florida divorce attorneys hope for the best for our clients that their case can be resolved with an amicable settlement, but prepare for the worst of a contested divorce trial.

Other mistakes that people confronting family law issues often make are making decisions about which divorce lawyer in Miami they will hire based upon whether the Miami divorce lawyer charges for consultations and the hourly rate of the lawyer. Free consultations for divorce and cheap divorce lawyers in Miami may cost you greatly down the road.

What is the relationship with your children worth to you? What will it cost you each and every month if an inexperienced divorce lawyer doesn’t obtain the child support or property settlement order that you were entitled to? When it comes to your children, your money and your assets, you want an experienced Miami divorce lawyer, not a new law school graduate who just passed the bar exam or someone who doesn’t make family law their full-time business! When it comes to divorce lawyers, you get what you pay for!

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