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Why We_re Different

What Makes Our Allegheny County Divorce Lawyers Different?

There are a number of things that may make the law offices of Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C., different from other Western Pennsylvania and Allegheny County divorce law firms, including:

  • A focus on family law. The entire focus of our law office is Pennsylvania family law cases, including divorce, support, custody and related issues. While each case and every family is different, our lawyers’ dedication to the area of Pennsylvania family law means we understand the individual nuances of the law and have likely handled a case with similar legal issues to yours before. Most importantly, our Pennsylvania divorce attorneys have spent their entire legal careers in the family law field.
  • Our legal fees are competitive. Our Pittsburgh divorce law office strives to provide outstanding representation in Pennsylvania family law cases at a fair price. First, our Pennsylvania family law attorneys‘ hourly rates are some of the most competitive rates in the legal market when considering our backgrounds and training. Second, our Pennsylvania divorce attorneys always give our clients a cost-benefit analysis for the various options in their family law case and allow the client to decide how they best want to proceed in the case given the costs. Third, our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys give our family law clients the opportunity to do some of the background work that allows the client to save money on legal fees.
  • We’re experienced trial attorneys. Our Pennsylvania family law attorneys believe that our reputation for fighting for what’s fair for our family law clients and their children gives us a competitive advantage in knowing when to settle and when to try a case. We know how the trial court judges will likely rule on Family Court issues since we have fought many battles and have settled and tried many cases in the Western Pennsylvania Family Courts. We believe that our reputations as experienced family law trial attorneys may lead other attorneys to offer fair settlements to our clients knowing if they don’t, they’re in for a fight!
  • We know Western Pennsylvania. Our Pennsylvania family law attorneys practice solely in Western Pennsylvania, including Allegheny CountyBeaver CountyButler CountyLawrence CountyMercer CountyWashington County and Westmoreland County. We accept Pennsylvania family law cases from surrounding counties, including Armstrong County, Erie County, Fayette County, Greene County, Indiana County, Venango County and Somerset County on a case-by-case basis. Our attorneys were born, raised, educated and practice in Western Pennsylvania. We know the area as well as the area of law!
  • We have experience. Our Pittsburgh family law attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience and have assisted over 1600 family law clients handling all types of Pennsylvania family law issues, including: divorce, property division, spousal and child support, child custody, grandparents’ rights and adoptions. Each of the attorneys have taken classes related to and worked in the field of Pennsylvania family law issues since they were law students. Oh yeah, and our managing attorney has been through divorce court herself — can’t get better experience than that!
  • We are focused on what’s in the children’s best interests. We don’t use advertising gimmicks that indicate we solely represent men’s rights in this or women’s rights in that in order to attract business. Instead, our Pittsburgh family lawyers strive to always do what is best for the children of any broken relationship and represent our clients — whether they be men or women, fathers or mothers accordingly. Neither party wins when a relationship ends; it is our job to minimize the financial and emotional damage that occurs during a divorce or other breakup. Our Pittsburgh custody lawyers are especially committed to minimizing the emotional damage to the children of broken relationships and seek to always advocate for the children’s best interests, both emotionally and financially.
  • We are accessible to our clients. Our Pennsylvania family law firm employs multiple attorneys and multiple legal assistants to assist in the smooth operation of your case. If the Pennsylvania family law attorney assigned to your case is out of the office for any reason, there is always another lawyer or member of our staff available to assist you in the event of an emergency. Our Pennsylvania family law team is accessible to answer your questions by telephone, email, or appointment in our Pittsburgh family law office or other meeting locations. We also have the technology to do video chat through Skype.
  • We provide you with information. Our family law clients receive copies of every letter and court document that we prepare on their behalf as well as copies of everything produced by the other side. Our clients are kept fully informed of the progress of their case as well as case strategy. In addition, our law office utilizes computerized billing software that provides up-to-date detailed records that are provided on a monthly basis to our clients regarding the work performed by our Pennsylvania family lawyers and the amounts charged for our services.
  • We utilize the latest technology. Our Pennsylvania family law office utilizes the latest computer technology in managing clients’ ongoing family law cases and in communicating with clients. Many of our clients elect to communicate with our office by email for immediate copies of any documents drafted by our office or received from the opposing party as well as other routine attorney-client communications. Whether by email or otherwise, our clients are kept fully aware of the progress of their case.

These are just a few of things that make our Pennsylvania family law firm truly exceptional. We believe that our office is uniquely different from many others who represent themselves as Pennsylvania family law attorneys given our roots in Pennsylvania, our team of experienced family law trial attorneys and staff and our case management techniques.

Send us an email or telephone our Pittsburgh office at 412-281-9906, our Cranberry Township office at 724-776-9906, our Southpointe (Canonsburg) office at 724-436-5500, or toll free at 1-844-VARI-LAW to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our experienced Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh family law lawyers. Our Pittsburgh law office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and evenings by appointment, our Southpointe office is open 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., and our Cranberry Township office is open by appointment only.

Appointments may also available in other meeting locations upon making advance special arrangements with our office. Ask the secretary scheduling your appointment for details including appointment locations.

Our Pennsylvania family law office routinely accepts cases in Allegheny CountyBeaver CountyButler CountyLawrence CountyMercer CountyWashington County, and Westmoreland County. We accept cases in other Western Pennsylvania counties such as Armstrong County, Erie County, Fayette County, Greene County, Somerset County and Venango County on a case-by-case basis.